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As architects of the Insights Empowerment Framework, we are adept at identifying and driving research transformations that streamline, scale and supercharge insights for continued, long-term success.

We deliver on the three dimensions of efficiency, reach and influence through a robust set of programmes, services and deliverables designed to facilitate two-way interaction and wider business involvement outside of research and marketing departments. All consultative services involve FlexMR-led workshops, ongoing communication and custom deliverables that support key objectives past the end of the project. Find out more about our expanding range of consultative services below.

Stakeholder Alignment Programme

Insight as Art Programme

Stakeholder Alignment Programme

Even the greatest research is often hampered by limited reach. The Stakeholder Alignment Programme helps research teams identify stakeholder insight needs and create the mechanisms that facilitate true customer centricity. By the end of the programme, our team will deliver a custom market research playbook that addresses key business challenges and is embedded into working practices.

Market research playbooks

Custom research applications mapped to the needs of your stakeholder teams.

The Stakeholder Alignment Programme takes our clients on a guided journey of discovery in order to better integrate research into internal working practices. We start by exploring the teams that will benefit most from greater customer insight and mapping their challenges. Identified teams are invited to take part in the process and share their perspective, which is reflected in the programme outputs.

Once this investigation is complete, our consultants work with you to translate business needs into a structured playbook. This document provides an overview of custom research methodologies mapped to identified priorities. The playbook, delivered in both print and digital formats, is presented back to the wider teams that took part in discovery and embedded into working practices through a series of follow-up workshops and activities.

More choice

The options presented within a research playbook help stakeholders make informed choices about their research briefs and insight requirements.

Greater control

A research playbook offers a standard set of methodologies for decision-makers to choose from, providing insight teams with better operational oversight.

New change

Both the stakeholder alignment process and the programme output are instrumental in driving behavioural change across business practices.

Insight as Art Programme

The role of research doesn’t end with analysis and presentation. To have a positive impact, insight teams must actively guide decisions. This programme arms researchers with thought-provoking, memorable outputs that position teams, and customer insight, as a central component of business change – providing the opportunity to influence better decision making at critical moments.

Structured creativity

Supporting transformation with a consultative process and creative insight.

At the outset of this programme, we identify the core areas impacted by an upcoming business transformation and stakeholder teams that will be affected. Once identification is complete, our team devise an agile, targeted qualitative project that generates in-depth customer feedback around the area of change. Our creative team analyse and interpret feedback from the project – moulding it into a work of art that presents relevant themes in a memorable, provocative way.

This artwork, direct qualitative feedback and stakeholder pre-tasks are then fed into an interactive group workshop that engages attendees in customer feedback, complex themes, and discussions about how the transformation will impact key groups. The workshop, artwork, and follow-up meetings help position our clients in a key position of authority during the transformation process and drive an increased appetite for customer insight.

Trusted by global brands

We've taken 50+ brands through the Insight as Art programme. Successful insight teams have used the programme to drive conversations about brand perception, emerging category themes, product-market alignment, operational transformation and more. Here's a selection of the firms that have benefited from our insight-led artworks.

Working with FlexMR has given my team the guidance and flexibility we needed make important decisions at the speed of business and stay relevant in a fast-paced market.

Director of Customer Insights, Isagenix

Flexible software plus service

Our services deliver tangible, measurable value to our clients in three core areas - each building on the promise of InsightHub. We offer support and education, consultative expertise and flexible insight delivery. By building flexible partnerships that draw on these domains - we are able to help our clients achieve greater efficiency, reach and influence. Want to find out how?

InsightHub platform

The InsightHub platform powers exceptional online research. Conduct surveys, focus groups, diaries and creative qual in a single, integrated space.

Support and education

An intensive onboarding programme, followed by on-demand access to our self-serve Help Centre and a dedicated Client Support Desk.

Insight delivery

A flexible approach to research operations. Our team conduct full projects, provide targeted support, manage insight platforms and more.

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