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Focus GroupMR

Question BoardMR




Focus GroupMR

Focus GroupMR is purpose built to facilitate individual and group conversations in real-time. Video and text chat options offer unparalleled flexibility, supported by a range of interactive features that engage participants. Discussions can be dissected in full with recordings, transcripts and task results that are available for download through a one-click export.

Powering qualitative conversations

Video sessions can support in-depth interviews or groups of up to eight. Twelve participants can take part in live chat focus groups. Stakeholders and decision makers have access to a virtual observation room that includes a private chat facility. Hosts liaise between moderators and observing stakeholders to actively facilitate engagement.

Real-time qual

Online, real-time focus groups remove a number of barriers that are often present in face-to-face methods. Better audience representation can be achieved through access to global participants, and sessions can be set up quickly – streamlining the qualitative research process.

Focus GroupMR is designed to be fast, flexible and research-oriented. Participants take part in a fully branded experience, while moderators have control over stimuli, observation rooms and more. Project organisation and role settings can also be used to effortlessly connect key business decision makers to the conversation.

Question BoardMR

Question BoardMR helps insight teams explore complex opinions, beliefs and values by giving participants space to consider and explore their own reasoning. The tool is perfect for conducting mass qual - enabling you to structure asychronous questions in a Q&A style group or individual environment.

Discover well-reasoned opinions and trends

Questions can be uploaded and scheduled in advance. Once posted, participants are encouraged to answer each in a thoughtful manner through email and web notifications. Moderators can later ask for further details or clarification via private prompts. Core features include a space to host multiple question boards, topic guides to aid moderation, and a broad range of supported stimuli.

Asynchronous research

Vital to inspiring engagement, moderators can embed video and image-based stimuli into questions, which serve as focal points for further discussion. Moderators can also make use of full HTML formatting options to give participants complete freedom of expression.

Question BoardMR encourages participants to make use of the wide range of response options in order to generate thought-provoking insight. HTML formatting, emojis, and image upload facilities all contribute to a constructive discussion that can include modern, emotive forms of communication such as GIFs, memes, emojis and stickers.


SurveyMR boasts an impressive range of question types and advanced admin controls that enable researchers to build engaging experiences and deliver valuable insight. With a revolutionary new flowchart-based interface, SurveyMR makes it easier than ever before to create engaging, dynamic surveys.

Surveys that engage researchers and participants alike

SurveyMR provides engaging experience for participants, insight teams, and stakeholders alike. The tool offers a diverse range of question types, branching logic and routing options that can be dragged onto the central canvas, which acts as a visual overview. Once published, surveys are automatically optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Participants may be recruited from within the InsightHub platform, CSV lists or access panels. Alternatively, public surveys can be shared via social media, email, web link or QR code.

Fast, fluid surveys

Supportive of multiple question types, participant experience options, branching logic, sample sources and distribution methods, SurveyMR accommodates even the most varied, demanding research schedules.

Deep integration into the InsightHub platform ecosystem enables live, real-time analysis of results and the ability to run complex, multi-stage projects from a single admin interface. The tool speeds up quantitative research processes, democratises access to insight and engages participants for accurate, high quality results.


TaskMR displays both qualitative and quantitative questions on a single page alongside a relevant stimulus in order to gather quick, actionable feedback. The unique one-off or repeating activities offer substantial versatility and perfectly support agile research projects.

Structured one-off and repeating activities

TaskMR is designed to produce interactive pages that can be used to create diary studies, report cards and more. Once published, tasks can be set as a one-off or repeating task depending on research objectives. Common question types include free-form text boxes, multiple choice questions, sliding-scales and media responses. Uploaded media such as images, videos and screenshots add an extra layer of depth that can be used to bring insight to life.

Custom tasks

Though simple, TaskMR is a versatile tool that offers a unique and effective approach to common research tasks. Mystery shopping summaries, beta testing reports and video vox pops are just a few of the task variants that can be created.

Video and image-based tasks can be added to any task created in the tool, offering rich, emotive feedback to research teams. The best tasks blend these activities with both qualitative and quantitative questions in order to collect compelling stories. Crucially, TaskMR is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices, enabling participants to respond at the time most convenient to them. Mobile-only tasks can be set up to gather in-the-moment, instant feedback as participants carry out daily routines.


SmartboardMR acts as a visual forum for discussion. Designed to encourage collaborative, creative feedback, participants can pin sentiment tagged comments anywhere on the uploaded stimuli. Visual heatmaps can be generated from this data and supported by qualitative opinion.

Collaborative image-based conversations

SmartboardMR is not just designed to facilitate visual sentiment analysis. Conversations and discussion are actively encouraged. This makes it the perfect tool for creative testing, brand evaluations, perceptual mapping and more. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Public and private task configurations allow for even more flexibility and researchers to probe for detailed understanding.

Visual data

SmartboardMR blends both quantitative and qualitative feedback into one tool, offering both statistical data and the reasons behind it. Additionally, smartboards can be added to tasks created in other InsightHub tools such as Focus GroupMR and Question BoardMR.

Smartboards can even be linked together, creating interactive paginated content that allows participants to leave feedback across multiple easy-to-navigate images in one seamless research task. To ensure rich data, minimum completion targets can be applied to any smartboard, incentivising participants to leave a number of comments. Additionally, participants are notified of new comments on their tags, fostering community-led discussion.

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