Financial service success

The forces affecting the financial services industry are diverse and varied. Pressures are mounting from government interventions, increasing competition and disruptive business models. Brands need both in-depth understanding of consumer motivations and a clear, purposeful vision to thrive.

What impact is new legislation having on consumer spending habits? How are digital currencies changing our relationship to money? Which societal factors are affecting perceptions of risk? Our end-to-end InsightHub platform and experienced research team are helping forward-thinking financial services brands understand the consumer of tomorrow and prepare for impending change today.

Radical transparency

We've helped financial service firms flip the traditional research script to champion direct customer feedback.

It's no secret that building stand-out customer experiences is the critical ingredient to success in the financial services sector. But how do you encourage senior decision makers to put customer insight first? We worked with a leading high street bank to pioneer a new approach, and we call it radical transparency.

Radical transparency is about reversing the research process. Rather than collecting questions to ask in an online focus group setting, we put stakeholders in front of an online panel of customers - and it's the customers asking the questions. This revolutionary approach directly engaged decision makers and amplified the collective voice of the customer to make a real impact.

Video brings emotion to life

In a sector dominated by legislation and regulation, emotive video cuts through the noise.

Our InsightHub platform is equipped with a variety of ways in which you can capture emotive customer video. From survey questions to in-depth interviews, online focus groups to diary uploads - integrating video into your financial services research schedule brings customer feedback to life and helps to drive informed decisions.

But that's not all. Our VideoMR tool is a single interface which enables you to organise, transcribe and curate montages of important insights. It helps our clients access agile qual throughout their research schedule , and tell stories that resonate with stakeholders on a human level.

Our commitment to the financial services sector

We believe in the power of partnerships. That's why we don't just rely on our experience in the financial services sector to guide our growth. We've built a trusted Client Advisory Board who act as a direct interface between our management team and senior insight leaders - helping us to stay close to the needs of our clients. Representing a diverse cross-section of our clients, each member brings valuable perspective on the insights industry, future challenges and emerging opportunities.

Emma Baxter

Emma is the Head of Research for The Coventry Building Society and a founding member of the FlexMR Client Advisory Board.

Emma has worked in research for over 20 years at various banks, building societies and agency-side at Millward Brown UK - primarily with FMCG and Financial Services clients. At Coventry Building Society, Emma has set-up a research team from scratch which is responsible for customer, B2B and employee research. She has created a research panel of 6,000+ engaged members who regularly pilot new ideas and propositions, and a real-time customer experience reporting dashboard. Emma is passionate about getting the most out of research - whether that is getting to the heart of a business problem, taking a story-led approach to analysis or driving action from results.

A trusted partner to global brands

Don't just take our word for it. We pride ourselves on the strong working relationships we build with all clients. Our team honed what it means to be the insights empowerment company through years of experience, and continue to work with the world’s most successful insight teams today.

An end-to-end insights engine

InsightHub is the agile research platform that empowers global brands to streamline, scale and supercharge customer insight. Built from the ground up to meet the needs of modern insight teams, InsightHub can centrally host surveys, long-term communities, dedicated panels and short-term projects all within the same easy-to-use space.

Centralise and streamline your research

The InsightHub platform is built to support an unlimited number of concurrent projects. Our team also have years of experience in delivering top quality results in the fast moving consumer goods and consumer packaged goods sectors. Here are some of the research projects we can help your team with.

Market segmentation

Get to grips with your target audience, discover common behaviours and build a strategic market map.

Proposition studies

In a complex and crowded market, discover what propositions align best with your brand.

Customer experience

Map the product access and usage journeys of your customers to find new room for improvement.

Voice of customer

Listen to customers and demonstrate your commitment to them with ongoing VoC programmes.

Advertising effectiveness

Test your adverts or creative ideas before launch to predict, evaluate and refine audience reaction.

Market evaluations

Asses the size, strucutre, opportunities and challenges present in key financial services markets.

Customer loyalty surveys

Uncover what drives brand loyalty to see how you can retain and grow your core customer base.

Our customers are our stakeholders. Their opinions and feelings are vital to the success of the society, and their engagement with our research is crucial. FlexMR provides the flexibility that we need to conduct continuous research in an online community and are extremely responsive when we need support.

Head of Customer Research, Coventry Building Society

Empower better decisions

We have developed a game-changing insights empowerment framework that addresses the three major pressures placed on modern insight teams. We use the framework to construct bespoke partnership programmes - delivering measurable business value through agile research technology and a flexible approach to supporting services. Is your brand ready to take the first step towards insights empowerment? Find out what we can do for you on the pages below, or get in touch today.

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InsightHub platform

The InsightHub platform powers exceptional online research. Conduct surveys, focus groups, diaries and creative qual all from within a single, integrated space.

Expert services

Our services span a full and diverse spectrum. We offer everything from dedicated platform support and research education to in-depth consulting, project implementation and insight delivery.

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