An agile, end-to-end insights engine

InsightHub is a comprehensive research solution, designed to streamline, scale and supercharge operations. It provides access to powerful tools, robust features and integrated processes that fuel brand growth.

The platform enables you to build a fully-profiled database of members from open screeners, access panels and existing customer data. Qual and quant data collection tools facilitate a schedule of continuous research, supported by ongoing member engagement and peer-to-peer communication. Integrated analysis tools help you to quickly build, share and export data from multiple methods and research tasks. You can even involve internal decision makers by taking advantage of robust access controls and clear, concise outputs.

Qual and quant in one place

InsightHub includes an extensive range of qual and quant tools that help you get closer to customers than ever before, in over 60 languages. You can launch surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, question boards and smartboards all from a single, central space. You can build rich data libraries from multi-method projects and efficiently mine for new insights.

Integrated video research

InsightHub enables you to fully embed video into your research process. Help everyone get to know your customers better with powerful video surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Build a complete video library and curate compelling, human stories that inspire empathy and influence critical decisions.

Simple, intuitive and engaging

InsightHub adopts a simple, intuitive design that makes it easy for platform members to navigate and engage with research activities. This philosophy extends into data collection and analysis spaces - providing an easy-to-use environment where researchers and stakeholders can explore data first-hand. This helps our clients get more out of their investment and bring customer feedback more directly into decision-making.

Embark on a new adventure

InsightHub is the award-winning online platform that empowers research teams to get more done. Discover how it can help your team today.

We could tell you how InsightHub brings surveys, video, focus groups and communities together in one easy-to-use space. Or about how it powers epic research experiences that engage multiple audiences. But the best way to understand the game-changing difference InsightHub can make is to explore it for yourself. So, join Camp InsightHub – and our friendly host, Ember - for a guided, interactive demo that will leave you with a fresh sense of inspiration and adventure.

How to use InsightHub

InsightHub is a scalable, versatile platform. Our clients use it to run a wide variety of research projects and programmes. From ongoing customer communities to new product development, concept testing to market exploration. Here are a few of the most common applications of InsightHub.

Customer communities

Build a long-term community, complete with structured tasks, forums and polls for ongoing qualitative input.

Creative testing

Get feedback on upcoming creative campaigns with interactive smartboards followed by depth interviews.

New product development

Quantify sentiment towards new ideas and concepts with agile surveys and multi-stage research projects.

Voice of customer

Run regular diaries and video surveys to keep your finger on the pulse of customer experience.

Brand evaluation

Discover what consumers really think about your brand with structured question boards and surveys.

Qualitative exploration

Delve into customer journeys, attitudes and opinions with a range of qualitative research tools.

Employee feedback

Build and host an employee panel to feed into internal initiatives and drive job satisfaction.

Key platform features

As a core aspect of our client partnerships, InsightHub is designed to empower your research team to do more. A full set of features spanning project management, community engagement, participant communication and beyond help the platform do exactly that.

A flexible and scalable database

A powerful database sits at the core of the InsightHub platform. The database holds information on all platform members, and supports both custom fields and segmentations. This makes it easy to profile members, invite the right people to take part in tasks and analyse data based on custom segments.

Data is held in a secure environment and we provide a robust set of access controls. To demonstrate our commitment to data security, FlexMR holds both the ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus information security certifications.

Social and community features

We know the value of maintaining an engaged, responsive community of members. It lowers recruitment costs, increases response rates and leads to more in-depth feedback. That's why InsightHub includes a range of social and community features - to keep members active between scheduled research tasks.

The platform includes forums, leaderboards, a space to blog and peer-to-peer messaging to support participant interaction. In addition, news articles, web pages and emails can be published from InsightHub to aid member engagement.

Full customisation options

Your InsightHub is a place to call your own. Whether you are in need of a branded or blinded space, the platform provides a range of customisation options - including homepages, project pages and login pages can be fully tailored widgets and CSS.

InsightHub is optimised for web and mobile access, ensuring members can access the platform wherever they are. And InsightHub supports 60+ languages, providing the capability to run instant multi-country and international projects from the platform.

We are answering challenging questions with InsightHub. It provides the insights that help us make decisions today, as well as the capacity to continue improving products and campaigns in the long-term. The platform is easy-to-use and a goldmine for valuable data.

Customer Insights Manager, Specsavers

Discover the potential of InsightHub

The modern commercial landscape is fierce. Successful research teams are required do more than just deliver data. They manage knowledge, empower stakeholders and turn insight into action. Discover how the InsightHub platform can help you achieve these aims with streamlined data collection, analysis and activation tools.

Data collection

Qual and quant data collection in one place. Discover a simple, streamlined approach to surveys, focus groups, qualitative tasks and more.

Data analysis

Take the strain out of complex analysis. InsightHub is equipped with the capability to analyse and share both qual and quant data at the speed of business.

Data activation

Turn insight into action. Empower your product and marketing teams to do more and create lasting change with informative, action-oriented data.

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