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Integrated analysis tools transform InsightHub from an online research platform into a complete insights ecosystem. Draw on survey, poll and member data to build reliable cross-project analyses with NumbersMR. Or, combine video clips from surveys, focus groups, interviews and more to create compelling, emotive showreels. All in real-time, supported by one-click sharing.





NumbersMR is the perfect complement to quantitative data gathered on the InsightHub platform - enabling research teams to easily build tables and visualisations of live data. It provides a quick and easy route to analysis that combines data from across the platform, including from SurveyMR, quick polls and member profile data.

Democratising insight at speed

Access to a quick, versatile and easy-to-use analysis tool is vital to promoting agility and ensuring insight reaches the right people at the right time. NumbersMR offers a simple, yet powerful interface from which to analyse and chart results. Advanced features such as nets, merging, splitting and hiding allow for complex manipulation of data to ensure quality and accuracy.

Fast facts

Simple tables are automatically generated with the press of a button. Crosstabs based on quantitative questions can be added for more advanced analysis. Banners which break down tables by multiple questions can be saved as templates and applied with ease. These versatile options can be applied to a range of question types. Such a structure enables research teams to view detailed breakdowns of single, multiple choice, scale and sorting questions.

Analyses can be converted into a number of visual formats, including vertical and horizontal bar charts, scale averages, pie charts and more. Both tables and graphs can be copied out of the platform with a single click. Crucially, analyses can be shared through open links that are updated in real-time as new data is added or edited. This makes it possible to control sharing and distribution, whilst ensuring data quality and accuracy. 


TextMR is the other side of the coin to NumbersMR, facilitating quick and easy analysis of qualitative data pulled from various tools and areas of InsightHub. Through thematic coding and sentiment analysis, research teams can quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of numerous qualitative datasets, and share through simple bullet-point summaries.

Unlock AI-powered text analysis

Using second-generation artificial intelligence software built on Large-Language Models of generative AI, research teams can now access a simple tool that shortcuts the complex text analysis process - scaling the amount of qualitative insights generated and activated at any time. Use the tables, graphs and simple summary to share insights instantly; attaining actionable insights from qualitative data at the speed of business has never been easier.

Quick connections

TextMR automates the creation of a code-frame for each analysis set. The responses within that set are then tagged by theme, with some responses tagged with multiple themes for accuracy and ease of searching. From this, research teams and stakeholders can comb through data with ease, pulling pre-grouped verbatim responses and using the data visualisation tabs for easy on-sight, deep analysis.

The interactive dashboard interface creates graphs and tables of various formats visualising sentiments and common themes, including vertical and horizontal bar charts, scale averages, pie charts and more. As with NumbersMR, the tables and graphs generated can be shared outside of the platform, and pulled through to ActivateMR for interactive reports, facilitating live data sharing and collaborative insight activation.


VideoMR is a streamlined space to manage large video libraries and curate compelling, human stories. Instant transcription, an easy-to-use montage editor and powerful filtering options make this analysis tool the perfect complement to in-depth interviews, focus groups and video surveys.

Tell compelling, human stories

VideoMR does more than streamline the data collection and analysis process. It has been designed to facilitate the fluid reporting and sharing of consumer video content. Through the in-built montage creator, clips can be edited together to form compelling, human and emotive stories that influence customer-centric decision making.

Real faces

VideoMR helps insight teams integrate agile qual into entire research programmes. The tool enables simple analysis and activation of video content generated from InsightHub surveys, focus groups, interviews and other qualitative tasks. All of these sources are available in a single library of human insight that makes it easy to find and share the stories that matter with key business decision-makers.

Automated transcription, powerful filtering options and complete control over the content library makes integrating video into any project easier than ever before. The in-built montage creator takes this further, providing an intuitive, streamlined way to convert video feedback into powerful and engaging deliverables. These deliverables can then be shared with a single click, helping to bring the face of the customer into all business decisions.

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