A multi-disciplined team of experts

We're united in the pursuit of insights empowerment. By drawing on diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience, our teams come together to create an unstoppable force.

The FlexMR team aim for, and achieve, outstanding results for insight teams across the globe. From experienced researchers to talented developers, we rely on a diverse range of disciplines to turn our vision of insights empowerment into reality. Our leadership, research, technology development and business support teams all work together to make this possible.

Senior Leadership

The FlexMR senior leadership team provide strategic direction and steer the firm towards continued success. With a combined experience of over 60 years in the research and insight industry, the team are committed to building the future of insights empowerment. The team are all actively engaged with industry bodies such as the Market Research Society, ESOMAR and AQR, striving to drive forward both FlexMR and the research sector as a whole.

  • Pam Taylor - Managing Director

    With over 20 years of research and management experience, Pam has developed a deep knowledge of industry needs. With her incredible attention to detail, Pam expertly manages global operations, steers our strategic direction and helps maintain our high standards.

    Email: pam.taylor@flexmr.net Twitter: Twitter LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Paul Hudson - Chief Executive Officer

    An active member of the MRS and AQR, Paul is fully engaged in understanding the challenges of researchers and developing practical, innovative solutions. He aims to empower insight teams and drive better decisions across the globe.

    Email: paul.hudson@flexmr.net Twitter: Twitter LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Chris Martin - Chief Marketing Officer

    Chris is a strategic marketer and Forbes Agency Council member with hands-on experience of growing profitable businesses, building cross functional teams and developing successful brand strategies. He advises our clients, shapes our thinking and hosts the MRX Lab podcast.

    Email: chris.martin@flexmr.net Twitter: Twitter LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Maria Twigge - Chief Sales Officer

    Maria is an active member of the insights community, presenting regularly at MRS, AQR and AURA events. She has spent over 10 years guiding the development of our research services and building strategic partnerships with our clients.

    Email: maria.twigge@flexmr.net Twitter: Twitter LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Danny Russell - Non-Executive Advisor

    An industry veteran, Danny is the former Marketing Strategy Director at Sky, who has held senior positions at Boots, Kraft Foods and more. He is a Fellow of the MRS and is a two-time recipient of the Insight 250 award. In this role, he supports the firm's growth objectives.

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn

Research Experts

Our research team are experts in their field. They have won multiple awards, spoken at insight and marketing conferences, and write regularly on the future of the industry. The team share a passion for impactful research, insights empowerment and client success. Within the team, we have specialists in technical support, training and education, insight delivery, platform management and more.

  • Gareth Bowden - Head of Development & Research

    Gareth has worked on conflict resolution, civil resistance, community engagement and poverty reduction research. Today, he draws on that experience to expertly match team members with research projects and is laser-focused on operational success.

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  • Charlotte Duff - Client Relationship Manager

    Winner of the IIeX Europe Best New Speaker Award, Charlotte’s research and communication experience is invaluable. Her determination and inquisitiveness enables her to provide crucial support to our clients and ensure platform success.

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn Read More: Read More

  • Lucia Hoffart - Head of Client Support

    With 15 years in Market Research, Lucia is an expert in all things insights. She excels in nurturing great client relationships, building impactful research experiences and problem-solving by combining a keen eye for detail with innovative strategic perspective.

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Dr. Katharine Johnson - Client Success Manager

    Drawing on an extensive background in scientific research, technology licensing and business, Dr Johnson is perfectly suited to ensuring all FlexMR clients make the most out of their research investments and achieve strategic goals.

  • Larry Bate - Senior Project Manager

    Larry has over 20 years of outstanding research experience, specialising in customer satisfaction. With exceptional attention to detail and a talent for process-driven work, he never fails to deliver high-quality, accurate results.

  • Laura Butterworth - Client Support Senior Specialist

    A graduate of psychology, Laura is a skilled communicator who delivers high-quality training and support. With a keen interest in customer service and creative design, she is perfectly placed to help our clients overcome technical and research challenges.

  • Russell Elliot - Client Support Specialist & Training Lead

    Having worked in customer service for over three years, Russell brings a broad, honed skillset to the FlexMR Client Support Desk team. He prides himself on delivering a consistent, top quality experience to all of our clients equally.

  • Lucy Bridges - Client Support Specialist

    Lucy draws on an extensive NHS background to identify and solve problems at scale. As a co-ordinator for Royal Lancaster Infirmary’s discharge team, she is experienced at case management, organising complex pathways and building supportive relationships.

  • Rachel Kilmurray - Client Support Specialist

    Rachel is well-placed to provide valuable client support given her previous roles in retail, teaching, care work, and sales. She excels at building positive relationships and contributing value through her strong interpersonal skills and creative problem-solving.

  • Dr. Matthew Farmer - Insight Manager

    Matthew holds a PhD in International Relations from Lancaster University, the research for which has been published as a monograph by Palgrave Macmillan. He has previously taught undergraduate politics and supported students with academic research projects.

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  • Harriet Williams - Insight Manager

    Harriet is a graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, with over 8 years of experience in the travel and hospitality sector. Her in-depth knowledge of customer experience and satisfaction spans roles in both the USA and UK.

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn Read More: Read More

  • Hannah McGeoghegan - Engagement Manager

    Hannah holds a Masters Degree in Education Research from Newcastle University. She has been a brand ambassador for 10+ years and is an experienced area manager. As part of the FlexMR insight team, Hannah will drive participant and research engagement for our clients.

  • Lily Nawara - Senior Research Executive

    With a degree in Social Anthropology and MRS Certificate in Market Research, Lily comes from a human-centric research background. In her time studying user experience and consumer culture, she has gained the skills to develop meaningful, people-focused market research insights.

  • Nikki Foster - Research Executive

    Nikki has worked for 10+ years in the Heritage industry, stewarding historic buildings and collections. She has a eye for detail and robust data management experience. Nikki is particularly proud of the exhibition on Child Labour she curated at the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry.

  • Caitlin King - Research Executive

    As a marketing graduate, Caitlin is adept at activating insight to deliver impactful customer experience and communications. Caitlin now aids our clients throughout their research journeys, generating and activating crucial insights.

  • Oscar Chaplin - Research Executive

    Oscar's background in international relations, business consulting, and adult care allows him to deeply connect with different people. His affinity for empathy, communication and research serves to enhance client research experiences.

  • James Watson - Research and Testing Executive

    James holds 10+ years of experience in the Market Research industry, spanning from CATI and data processing to project management. Specialising in online research, he draws particular satisfaction from finding new, creative ways to meet the needs of his clients.

Technology Development

The technology development team are the geniuses behind the InsightHub platform. Comprised of talented front and back-end developers, the team are united in their efforts to power better market research. Drawing on a range of experience, our developers have worked with a variety of technologies across many industries. They are constantly adding new tools, features and functionality to ensure InsightHub remains at the cutting-edge of innovation.

  • Annette Smith - Product Owner

    Annette has worked on InsightHub for over 10 years, nurturing it into the world-leading platform it is today. She is a highly experienced researcher with a background in UI and UX design that has been imperative to the development of InsightHub.

  • Nana Akwah - Tech Lead

    Nana is a skilled programmer with knowledge of a diverse array of technologies. Bringing experience from multiple industries, his unique ideas have been incorporated within the newest evolution of InsightHub and the development of FlexMR tools.

  • Mark Brewster - Tech Lead

    Mark is a Ruby on Rails developer with over a decade of front-end and back-end experience. He has contributed an array of innovative solutions to technical challenges at start-ups and large firms alike. He brings that broad experience to his role at FlexMR.

  • Alex Hindley - Senior Software Developer

    Alex has over a decade of experience in software development, including her role as Director of Feature Engineering for Bandcamp. She has a background in Psychology and Computer Science, volunteered for the Trussell Trust and has self-published a number of TTRPGs.

  • Tom Churchill - Senior Software Developer

    Tom is a full stack web developer with over a decade of experience building start-ups. He helped to build Smart Pension's trading platform and Lawbite's innovative law platform. Tom's ambition is to develop services that improve the world.

  • Ian Kelly - Software Developer

    Ian is a full stack developer with experience in rapid prototyping as well as software design, architecture and deployment. His previous projects have helped firefighters with navigation, non-profit translations, refugee camps and government agencies.

  • Benoit De Oliveira - Software Developer

    Benoit is a Fullstack developer with a focus on Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node.js, React and agile environments. He turned his love for and hobby of programming into a profession by attending Le Wagon School of Computing in 2019.

  • Anthony Lau - Software Developer

    As a University of York Computer Science graduate and full-stack developer, Anthony brings the skills – including devops and cloud infrastructure experience - that helped him build an automated product management system to InsightHub.

  • Ben Herring - Software Developer

    Since learning development with Le Wagon, Ben has worked for four years as professional back-end Ruby on Rails engineer with an online systems provider supplying the private healthcare sector and NHS. He also has front-end HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge.

Business Support

Our business support unit are vital to the continued success of FlexMR. This team work across the USA, UK and Europe to support our successful and continued international development. Made up of talented writers, designers, client support and information security specialists – they add value to our operations and help us deliver on the promise of insights empowerment.

  • Emily James - Content Manager

    Emily is a talented wordsmith with a passion for creating insightful content. She brings our global vision to life across our blog, educational resources, social media and more, through her creative writing, editorial and content strategy experience.

    Twitter: Twitter LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Sophie Grieve-Williams - Design Manager

    Sophie’s extensive experience and fervour for illustration and graphic design fuels many remarkable projects, including our award-winning ‘Insight as Art’. Her creativity and craftsmanship electrifies the brand through impactful, inspiring visual communication.

    Twitter: Twitter LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Michael Connor - Business Development Representative

    Michael is an experienced recruitment specialist with a history of working in non-profits. Through his background in psychology and marketing, Michael uses his research and communication skills to nurture new client partnerships and drive sales development.

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Muneera Belim - Business Development Representative

    Muneera holds specialised knowledge of B2B business development through her experience in the cyber security, finance and energy industries; using this and her CIPD, Muneera works hard to build exceptional prospect and stakeholder relations in FlexMR.

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Ember (Ranger) - Camp InsightHub Ranger

    Camp InsightHub is our open access, interactive demo that showcases an exciting world of new research opportunities. Ember guides new visitors through the platform, sharing knowledge of next-gen insight tech and inspiring epic research adventures.

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn Read More: Read More

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