Turning insight into action

We don’t believe the role of data ends at analysis and reporting. We know firsthand the challenges that insight teams face in driving informed decisions. InsightHub has been designed to democratise data, improve access across departments and create lasting business impact. Discover more about how ActivateMR represents the culmination of this vision and can help your data do more.


A brand new reporting innovation coming soon to the InsightHub platform

ActivateMR is a dedicated insight activation tool that empowers stakeholders through compelling, interactive stories, and enables insight teams to build interactive webpages that curate data from across the full suite of InsightHub tools.

Deliver impactful insights

ActivateMR engages stakeholders through compelling, interactive stories. It enables researchers to easily build interactive webpages that curate data from across the full suite of InsightHub tools - including tables, graphs, quotes, videos and more. Collaborative features, real-time reporting and simple distribution options elevate outputs and create dialogues that drive action.

Coming soon

ActivateMR is due to release in late 2022.

We believe strongly in the role of insights empowerment. To drive brand growth, put customers at the heart of a business and drive informed decisions - research teams must be efficient, reach a wide audience and grow their influence. ActivateMR will help our clients achieve exactly that.

The tool will provide a space to build custom, interactive webpages that can be shared with decision makers to provide an overview of key project data. It will offer the ability to curate qualitative quotes, tables, graphs, video montages and more to provide a detailed exploration of complex questions. By drawing on all data collection and analysis tools within the platform, and adding an additional layer of interaction, ActivateMR will deliver an unrivalled reporting experience that focuses on the role of insights engagement and action.

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The modern commercial landscape is fierce. Successful research teams are required do more than just deliver data. They manage knowledge, empower stakeholders and turn insight into action. Discover how the InsightHub platform, and our diverse range of supporting services, can help you achieve these goals with confidence.

Data collection

Qual and quant data collection in one place. Discover a simple, streamlined approach to surveys, focus groups, qualitative tasks and more.

Data analysis

Take the strain out of complex analysis. InsightHub is equipped with the capability to analyse and share both qual and quant data at the speed of business.

Expert services

Discover our flexible range of services. The FlexMR team draw on over twenty years of experience to provide ongoing support, education and consultation to our clients.

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