Empowering informed decisions

With offices across the UK, USA and Europe, FlexMR has been at the forefront of developing practical innovations in online market research for over a decade. During this time, we have worked with a variety of the world’s most innovative brands, including The Home Depot, iHeartMedia, Specsavers, Formula One, SkyBet and more.

The FlexMR team is committed to building the right relationship with each client, provide the technology, expertise and vision to deliver insight capable of transforming organisations with real, tangible change. Our hybrid partnerships provide access to both a comprehensive insight platform and an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of experts. But we don’t stop there. Across everything we do, our insights empowerment framework helps to build a long-term culture of insight and informed decision making by removing barriers to research efficiency, reach and influence.

Fast moving and packaged consumer goods

We've worked with international food, beverage, toiletry, health and hygiene brands among many others.

From building custom segmentations to support product and brand extensions, to delivering incremental innovation through product testing and the mining of ongoing feedback - research teams in the CPG and FMCG sector must prioritise flexibility, adaptability and action. Our experience in volatile markets, supported by technology that delivers new efficiences, greater reach and more impactful influence is vital to the success of our international clients.

Retail and hospitality

Our InsightHub platform helps brands understand shopper and guest experiences in unrivalled detail.

In fast-paced consumer facing environments, affected by both day-to-day footfall and seasonal trends, insight teams must adapt, respond to and predict the latest trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. We have a wealth of sector experience that includes facilitating in-depth focus groups, running shopper diary studies, building robust retail indicator surveys, maintaining ongoing customer satisfaction trackers, and much more.

Financial services

We help build and maintain a competitive edge for clients in the banking, credit and lending, insurance and financial technology categories.

What impact is new legislation having on consumer spending habits? How are digital currencies changing our relationship to money? Which societal factors are affecting perceptions of risk? Our end-to-end InsightHub platform and experienced research team are helping forward-thinking financial services brands understand the consumer of tomorrow and prepare for impending change today.

Media and telecoms

We help brands understand consumption patterns, recognise market boundaries and encourage new habits.

Our work has helped broadcast, audio, print and digital brands foster deeper connections with their audiences. Drawing on 20+ years of experience, we've built a wealth of knowledge on the unique challenges facing the industry. We combine that knowledge with an agile qual and quant platform to deliver quality insight at the speed of business - and build powerful feedback loops. That's why our InsightHub platform has been designed to manage projects for multiple brands, all in one place.

An end-to-end insight engine

InsightHub is the agile research platform that empowers global brands to streamline, scale and supercharge customer insight. Built from the ground up to meet the needs of modern insight teams, InsightHub can centrally host surveys, long-term communities, dedicated panels and short-term projects all within the same easy-to-use space.

Empower better decisions

We have developed a game-changing insights empowerment framework that addresses the three major pressures placed on modern insight teams. We use the framework to construct bespoke partnership programmes - delivering measurable business value through agile research technology and a flexible approach to supporting services. Is your brand ready to take the first step towards insights empowerment? Find out what we can do for you on the pages below, or get in touch today.

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InsightHub platform

The InsightHub platform powers exceptional online research. Conduct surveys, focus groups, diaries and creative qual all from within a single, integrated space.

Expert services

Our services span a full and diverse spectrum. We offer everything from dedicated platform support and research education to in-depth consulting, project implementation and insight delivery.

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