An agile, flexible insight partnership

We offer expert research, management and consulting services that help our clients make the most of their insight platform investments. It is our belief that agility and flexibility are key to delivering relevant insight to stakeholders at the point decisions are made. Our aim is to act as an extension of our clients’ insight teams, delivering a full roster of services that extend capacity and help embed insight across entire organisations.

From insight generation to distribution and activation, no-one knows InsightHub like we do. Our team work fast, efficiently and accurately to ensure InsightHub delivers the maximum possible value and return on research investment.

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Onboarding and support

Our Client Success and Help Desk teams provide dedicated support and onboarding to all InsightHub licence holders. 

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Management services

Services designed to streamline platform management, enabling our clients to focus on generating high quality, reliable insight.

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Insight delivery services

Insight delivery services that extend the capacity of in-house teams and maximise return on research investment.

Onboarding and support

To ensure the success of every single one of our clients, every InsightHub platform licence includes 12 hours of dedicated support, access to a library of training materials and tailored onboarding.

Onboarding and Support

Our commitment to success

We want to empower our clients to drive informed decisions throughout their company. To ensure this, we're dedicated and commited to ensuring success. From the outset, we provide dedicated onboarding that guides clients through the first time set-up of their InsightHub platform. Additionally, our Help Desk provides vital research and technical support to all clients.

  • Onboarding

    Our experienced Client Success team guide new clients through the process of setting up the InsightHub platform, including supporting any required data security or compliance checks, choosing a platform URL and branding the platform. The team also help clients log in for the first time and provides introductory training sessions.

  • Support

    The FlexMR Help Desk is open from 8am to 10pm (UK time) in order to answer platform questions. All clients have access to this dedicated resource that is able to provide support for both technical and research related queries. On-call support outside of these hours can also be arranged upon request.

Management services

An effective insight platform requires regular maintenance to ensure data accuracy and to keep members engaged. Our management services cover these administrative tasks, leaving research teams free to generate high quality insight.

Management Services

Creating active, engaged insight platforms

The success of an insight platform relies heavily on how active and engaged members are. Our management services can be purchased individually or in combination to take care of the administrative tasks that ensure platforms deliver consistent results and return on research investment,

  • Database Management

    The database management tasks we take on involve: wave-based recruitment from provided lists, processing unsubscribes, churn management and regular database refreshes. This is vital to keeping panels and communities active and engaged.

  • Communication Management

    Regular contact with platform members is vital to long-term research success. These services include: sending welcome content to new members, managing platform member enquiries, processing incentives, quarterly newsletters and health reporting.

  • Engagement Management

    These services are designed to foster habits and encourage members to regularly log in, creating a core group. This speeds up response rates, creates deeper qualitative insight, improves advocacy and generates member-led feedback.

Insight delivery services

No-one knows InsightHub and its suite of 11 research tools like we do. Insight delivery services can be used to extend the capacity on in-house teams and generate quality data at speed.

Insight Delivery Services

Three insight-oriented relationships

As a team with full service agency roots, we know the value of a flexible research partner. That's why we offer three distinct insight-oriented relationships that extend the capabilities of in-house teams and deliver real, tangible results.

  • Insight Stimulation

    This service provides ongoing, organic insight at scale. Insight stimulation involves encouraging relevant conversations between research tasks which are analysed to deliver a constant stream of member-led insight.

  • Agile Research Services

    The most flexible service we offer. Our experts act as an extension of our clients’ in-house teams, providing supporting services to add resource & capacity as required.

  • Continuous Insight Partnerships

    Long-term relationships in which our team produce on-demand insight. We work closely with clients to develop and deliver a bespoke research programme to meet their  needs.

Practical service elements

Our insight delivery services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. A number of the most common elements we are able to provide support for include:

  • Recruitment

    You supply your research target criteria and sample size; we identify and recruit your participants.

  • Design

    Our online research experts design your project using tried and tested methodology frameworks.

  • Moderation

    With vast experience in participant moderation and group dynamics, our experts know when to probe and when to hang back for more depth.

  • Reporting

    We go further with our approach to reporting: we don’t just tell you what happened, we tell you what this means to you and your organisation.

Ready to see us in action?

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See FlexMR in action.

Watch our two minute demo to find out what FlexMR can do for you.