Flexible service options

Select the FlexMR services that you would like to accompany your chosen tools. If you want to go it alone, fine. We can take it all off your hands if you wish or we can look after certain areas on a tool-by-tool basis. 

Your Own Platform

Go it alone

If you want to run your own research we can step out completely or we can be on hand with online project assistance. 

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Use Our Own Research Services

Research services

Choose from research service options including: recruitment, design, moderation and reporting. 

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 Use Our Own Management Services

Management services

Sit back and relax with our fully managed panel, community and research services.

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Go it alone

Take control of your own research.

DIY Research Services

You're in the driving seat

If you want to design, moderate and report on your research yourself this is the option for you. You have total control over your research planning, execution and analysis.

  • Simply Software

    For the experienced online researcher. Just hire or buy our software and we will step out completely. 

  • Project Assistance

    For the experienced researcher new to online research. We make sure the online project processes runs smoothly. We set-up your questions, stimulus, ensure your participants log in and provide technical support leaving you free to focus on your research.

Research services

Do as little or as much as you are happy to, we’ll do the rest.

Research Services

A helping hand

We offer a range of research services for you to choose from on a project-by-project and tool-by-tool basis. If you want part service then select the areas you would like supported. If you want full service, simply select all four.

  • Recruitment

    You supply your research target criteria and sample size; we identify and recruit your participants.

  • Design

    Our online research experts design your project using tried and tested methodology frameworks.

  • Moderation

    With vast experience in participant moderation and group dynamics, our experts know when to probe and when to hang back for more depth.

  • Reporting

    We go further with our approach to reporting: we don’t just tell you what happened, we tell you what this means to you and your organisation.

Management services

Our research experts take full control of your panel, community or research programme.

Management services

Sit back and relax

Streamline your ongoing research with one of our managed services. Or ask us to take care of everything for you by opting for all. Fully supported, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Panel Management

    We know panels and we know participants. Leave your panel management to us, safe in the knowledge that it will be maintained accurately, ready and waiting for your next research activity.

  • Community Management

    Research communities need love and attention if they are to flourish. We ensure participant engagement is maximised and focused for actionable insight rich in detail and emotion.

  • Research Management

    Our experienced research team will take care of everything; just throw them a problem and they will solve it! From defining objectives through to the reporting of actionable outcomes.

Ready to see us in action?

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See FlexMR in action.

Watch our two minute demo to find out what FlexMR can do for you.