Survey tools

Base your decisions on quantifiable feedback from an infinite number of participants with FlexMR survey tools. When time is tight use our quick polls or report cards for intelligent feedback fast. Use our surveys to optimise response rates with a choice of interactive question styles.



So much more than a standard survey programme. Visuals, sliders, drag and drop and card sort gamification all contribute to a dramatically enhanced participant experience. 

Update: the Beta of SurveyMR 2.0 is now available to new and existing FlexMR clients. For more information, click here.

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Quota sampling
  • Video integration

Don’t settle for standard, boring grid questions. Our survey tool is designed to maximise engagement and reduce dropout rates across both mobile and desktop alike. Choose from a selection of question types including multiple choice, scale, ranking, sorting and percentage balances. Add video or audio and use innovative image based drag and drop questions to simplify complex propositions for enhanced accuracy.

Tailor the survey experience to ensure participants don’t answer questions they don’t need to. Fully flexible routing options allow you to randomise question order, avoid irrelevant questions and create personalised completion paths dependent on individual question responses. Segment respondents based on custom criteria, survey answers and even passive factors to facilitate a unique, engaging experience.

Our surveys can be integrated into a private online research space, or made public for greater reach. Use open surveys to recruit directly into a research panel, gauge public opinion or combine with physical communications to drive consumer feedback. Add quotas to any question to filter out ineligible respondents, ensuring you only receive the answers you need.

Report Card

Report CardMR

Combine closed questions with open questions in feedback card style and moderate responses for more depth. Simple, fast, effective.

  • Video submission
  • Flexible task templates
  • Image upload

The ultimate hybrid qual & quant feedback mechanism. Harness a variety of question types and response formats to increase engagement. Give participants the opportunity to respond in a creative, thoughtful manner. Enhance your insight through vox-pop video responses that bring research to life. Mobile optimisation ensures participants are able to respond in-the-moment, for impactful, real-time insight.

Open and closed question types allow you to conduct product reviews, mystery shopping tasks and projective research initiatives at speed. Repeat tasks or geo-target consumers to monitor performance and compare differences. Report cards are ideal as a single online task, as well as the perfect, engaging complement to offline research efforts.

Quick Poll

Quick PollMR

Quickly gauge opinion with either a single or multiple-choice poll. Include stimulus via hyperlinks or direct respondents to a supporting qual task.

  • Hyperlink integration
  • Cross-tabulation
  • Response monitoring

Instant feedback with live, graphical results for quick analysis. Create single or multiple choice questions and display results to respondents to stimulate further discussion. Link Quick PollMR and ForumMR to probe and generate in-depth qualitative analysis to support the statistical results. Dig into results with easy cross tabulation. Cross reference answers with user segments, demographics and custom fields to find hidden correlations and discover new patterns.

For best results, display polls on the participant homepage of your online research space. Monitor performance and remind individual participants through private communication channels. Involve non-engaged respondents and improve qualitative insight with this simple yet versatile tool.

Quick Poll


Agile, quantitative analysis that combines data from across InsightHub tools - enabling research teams to quickly build tables  and visualisations of data.

  • Data manipulation
  • Graph production
  • Multiple table options

NumbersMR offers a simple, yet powerful interface from which to analyse and chart results. Advanced features such as nets, merging, splitting and hiding allow for complex manipulation of data to ensure quality and accuracy. Platform-wide functionality means this tool is capable of drawing data from multiple InsightHub sources, including SurveyMR and database user fields, creating a central repository for quick quantitative analysis.

Simple tables are automatically generated with the press of a button. Crosstabs based on quantitative questions can be added for more advanced analysis. Banners which break down tables by multiple questions can be saved as templates and applied with ease. These versatile options can be applied to a range of question types.

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