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Get collaborative feedback with FlexMR’s innovative online qual research tools. Harness your customers' creativity to innovate, design and test anything from new products to marketing materials.



Invite participants to comment on image elements via digital sticky note and watch as each note turns into a mini group discussion all of its own.

  • Sentiment tagging options
  • Easy-to-use heat maps
  • Automated completion targets

The world’s first dynamic discussion forum within an image, SmartboardMR takes visual qualitative research to the next level. Designed to encourage collaborative, creative feedback, participants click on specific image elements to pin comments and respond to the comment pins of others. Each pin turns into a mini group discussion all of its own. Perfect for testing marketing concepts, communications, new products designs, store layouts and more.

Sentiment tagging allows participants to code each comment as positive, neutral or negative. Alternatively, moderators can manually code comments after the task has been completed. These sentiment tagged comments can be used to easily construct heat maps that identify positively and negatively rated sections of the image.

Completion targets incentivise participants to study the image and leave multiple comments. Integration with research participant profile pages ensures you can monitor responses, communicate with ease and remind non-participants. When your smartboard concludes, export annotated images to JPEG and corresponding comments to Excel, alongside a demographic breakdown of respondent data.



Put your customers at the heart of your innovation process. An online suggestion box to generate and screen ideas with your participants.

  • Phased ideation spaces
  • Smart categorisation
  • Idea ranking system

Perfect for new product development and co-creative innovation, BrainstormMR provides a collaborativeplatform for ideation and feature prioritisation. The idea-centric response system allows both respondents and moderators alike to contribute, rate, comment on and question individual suggestions. Ideas are ranked by average rating and unrated ideas can be filtered for review.

Custom tags can be assigned to suggestions for simple categorisation of submissions and easy analysis. Advanced phased ideation make use of an initial idea generation phase where participants submit ideas, followed by a review where participants then analyse and comment on a pre-defined shortlist.

A private, individual prompting tool allows you to communicate with participants and follow up on important points via email. Full participant profile page integration aids in monitoring responses, communicating with respondents and reminding non-respondents about the task.



Benefit from the popularity of digital scrapbooking. Invite participants to pin images to, comment on and discuss visual stimuli in either an individual or collaborative space.

  • Dynamic sorting
  • Easy-to-use tagging
  • Individual & group designs

Scrapbooks are a personal, visual and detailed window into the mind. More artistic and expressive than words alone, a digital scrapbook can embody emotions effectively and fluently. Our unique online approach gives you the choice between creating collaborative or individual participant scrapbooks depending on your research requirement.

Group projects are perfect for stimulating discussion and studies and generating subconscious projective feedback. Meanwhile, individual scrapbooks are free-form exploratory dives into the consumer mind.

Both moderators and participants can comment on individual images to discuss the meaning and impact behind choices. Images can be tagged and categorised to easily understand common themes. Alternatively, sort images by upload date or number of comments to view the most popular and newest images first.

Once the project has ended, download all images and associated comments for further analysis and presentation.


Open PollMR

Qualitative insight at the click of a button. Expand your understanding at speed with an open poll - the simplest, fastest and most effective agile feedback mechanism available.

  • Word cloud visualisation
  • Custom character limits
  • One click submissions

Create short, open ended questions designed to gauge opinion in a single click. Open polls take the format of a single question with space for written, qualitative feedback. Set a character limit to encourage quick, focused responses that require creative thinking.

Display open polls on your research portal homepage for the highest response rate, or use the poll as an icebreaker task in a wider community. Instantly display results in word clouds to highlight the most common themes visually and prompt further discussion.

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