Focus group tools

With two types of focus groups, capture the ideas and opinions of your consumers in either real-time or longer, more reflective research. Get interactive with images, audio, video or quick polls. Our focus group tools offer a range of stimuli to get the discussion going and keep it going.

Live Chat

Focus GroupMR

Purpose built to facilitate individual and group conversations in real-time. Video and text chat options offer unparalleled flexibility, supported by a range of interactive features that engage participants.

  • Video and text chat
  • Observation rooms
  • Smartboard & quick poll integration

When a new Focus GroupMR session is created, researchers have the option of choosing a video or text chat configuration. Video groups support up to four participants, while between six and twelve is optimal for text chat sessions.

Stakeholders and decision makers can watch both types of session from a virtual observation room that includes a private chat facility. Hosts liaise between moderators and observing stakeholders to actively facilitate engagement.

Visual stimuli and interactive tasks can be set up prior to each session. Topic guides, images and videos can be uploaded for use throughout, while polls and smartboards add interactive tasks. After a focus group has ended, video recordings, text chat transcripts and task results are available immediately through a one-click export.

Question Board

Question BoardMR

Categorise threads for simple navigation and allocate different question board focus groups to customisable segments. More control for you, more convenience for participants.

  • Set completion targets
  • Video integration
  • Image display

An asynchronous focus group tool perfect for large scale discussions with theme and thread categorisation. Post public questions to the group and encourage participants to comment using personalised emails. Prompt on individual posts via the private messaging function.

Embed video and image-based stimuli directly and make use of a wide range of formatting options to give your participants the freedom of expression. HTML formatting, emojis and image upload facility all contribute to a dynamic group discussion, where participants take centre stage.

Advanced sampling controls enable A/B testing and segment comparison as well as acute targeting and progressive analysis.

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