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Diary tools

Get feedback from your customers' day-to-day interactions; see how they live, socialise and shop. Collect emotive data, gather video diaries and set them tasks, whenever and wherever they are.



Create diary tasks to guarantee participant feedback on key areas. Choose from a range of question types both open and closed, allocate to individuals, groups or segments and schedule in advance.

  • Multiple projects in parallel
  • Scheduling automation
  • Creative task types

In-the-moment research that acts as a window into your participants’ day-to-day lives. Schedule recurring diary tasks to occur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Alternatively, program tasks to be completed when participants carry out relevant actions – such as visiting a store, browsing a website or using a specified product.

Vary diary questions to gather useful feedback that can be acted on. Choose from text based, vox-pop, multiple choice and scale questions – all fully mobile optimised to encourage in-situ responses. See and hear your participants’ reactions with tasks which support direct video and image uploads. Add these multimedia responses to research presentations to highlight important issues and drive real change.

Research diaries only grow over time. Use recurring and one-off tasks to build full, digital diaries. Image galleries give participants the chance to review previous tasks and reflect on past thoughts. This longitudinal nature of DiaryMR provides the ideal balance of insightful moments, combined with underlying narrative to emphasise intrinsic, core values.



Invite your customers to feedback on their own terms. Enable participants to record personal video messages as well as observational footage bringing your research to life.

  • Dedicated individual spaces
  • Image and video gallery
  • Repeating tasks

A free-form, reflective space for unprompted feedback. Journals are open-ended, giving participants the freedom to express themselves as frequently as they want in a manner which suits them best. Text, video and image feedback options capture contextual feedback in real-time. An integrated photo and video gallery stores visual responses from most recent to oldest, helping you chart change in consumer opinion and understand longitudinal effects.

Journals are fully mobile optimised with an intuitive log in system and simple navigation. Posting content never breaks immersion, ensuring participants remain in-the-moment and provide relevant, informative responses.

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