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Run separate projects with specific segments in the same space at the same time to optimise resource and turnaround. With FlexMR’s powerful segmentation and screening capabilities you are guaranteed to reach the right audience every time.



The ultimate solution for a continuous research schedule: a database of dedicated participants on hand 24/7. Database size and customer profiling options are unlimited.

  • Custom participant profiling
  • Bulk uploading & editing
  • Simple longitudinal analysis

Our database tool streamlines participant management through smart automation and intuitive features. Use the database to manage research participants with ease. Existing data can be uploaded in bulk so you can be up and running in seconds.

Email invites are automatically sent and registration fields pre-populated to assist participants with their initial log-in. The flexible nature of our database system allows you to create custom demographics, segments and filters. Give participants the power to set their own communication preferences to receive relevant, targeted and timely reminders on their terms.

Produce tables based on the results of quantitative tasks, closed questions and even diaries. Cross tabulate against pre-defined segments, demographic or programmable fields to interrogate data and highlight correlations. Filters allow you to drill down and see results from specific segments independently.

Excel and PDF exports ensure you can download your data at the touch of a button. Export both raw data and charts for further analysis and easy presentation.



Encourage common goals with a live news feed. Keep members informed about research activities and outcomes, company news, participant incentives and more.

  • Customisable home pages
  • Image and video stories
  • Complete publishing control

Keep research participants up-to-date and engaged with a dedicated publishing platform. Moderators and research managers can post news items directly into the platform to bolster engagement and provide much needed feedback. Add video, images and graphs to bring your updates to life. Share research results and business impact to demonstrate how participants’ views are influencing real business decisions.

A dedicated home and project page widget keeps members informed as soon as they log in. Participants can view abridged stories through the widget, or visit the news page to browse the latest updates in full.

Consumer group settings give you control over which members can view individual items, ensuring participants only see articles relevant to them. Preview news items prior to publishing to quality check, unpublish or update releases as required.

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