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Our research tools have been built by experts to combine ease of use with an array of advanced functionalities. All of our tools can be used independently or combined for a multi-method approach. Choose any combination of 3, 5 or 7 tools for a completely bespoke bundle and benefit from our unique multi-method discount. Any of the 16 tools on this page can also be added to or swapped with those in our recommended bundles.

Focus group tools

Our focus groups provide the choice of two distinct feedback mechanisms. Select from real-time and asynchronous structures to capture in-depth insight at speed.

Focus Group Tools

Collaborative but diverse sessions

With two different types of focus groups, capture the ideas and opinions of your consumers in the way that suits you best. Get interactive with images, audio, video or quick polls. Our focus group tools offer a range of stimuli to get the discussion going and keep it going.

Live Chat

Live ChatMR

Live online focus groups.

Question Board

Question BoardMR

Get the right answers with focused discussion.

Survey tools

Reach consumers at home and in-situ with device agnostic research. Use smart surveys, optimised for engagement and a smooth experience to gather relevant, quantifiable feedback.

Survey Tools

Instant, measurable opinion

Base your decisions on quantifiable feedback from an infinite number of participants with FlexMR Survey tools. When time is tight use our quick polls or report cards for intelligent feedback fast. Use our surveys to optimise response rates with a choice of interactive question styles.



Quantifiable, data driven feedback.

Report Card

Report CardMR

Moderate feedback cards with ease.

Quick Poll

Quick PollMR

Gauge opinion in a single or multiple-choice poll.

Community tools

Transform research into a dynamic, responsive conversation. Find the perfect balance between moderator-led and community generated insight to delve deeper into attitudes, values and motivations.

Community Tools

Customer centric innovation

Create a branded community for engagement, listening or project based initiatives. Prompt and share with members to stimulate rich co-creative insights. Structured and unstructured feedback combines for holistic customer perspective.



Follow naturally occurring communications.



Dip in and out whenever you like.



Encourage engagement and interaction.

Panel tools

Benefit from world class segmentation that enables you to fulfil a continuous research schedule. Actively profile participants based on custom factors to create personalised, data driven insights.

Panel Tools

Regular, trackable quant

Run separate projects with specific segments in the same space at the same time to optimise resource and turnaround. With FlexMR’s powerful segmentation and screening capabilities you are guaranteed to reach the right audience every time.



A database of unlimited participants.



Encourage common goals with a live news feed.



Gauge opinion in a single or multiple-choice poll.

Diary tools

The ultimate real-time research solution. Mobile optimised research diaries are a window into participants' lives for in-the-moment contextual insights.

Diary Tools

The ethnographer's friend

Get feedback from your customers' day-to-day interactions; see how they live, socialise and shop. Collect emotive data, gather video diaries and set them tasks, whenever and wherever they are.



Collect individual feedback on lifestyles and experiences.



Invite customers to feedback on their own terms.

Creative qual tools

Engage participants with visual, collaborative activities that inspire, design and test ideas in an innovative environment. Harness customer creativity for guaranteed success.

Creative Qual Tools

Experimental ideas

Get collaborative feedback with FlexMR’s innovative online qual research tools. Harness your customers' creativity to innovate, design and test anything from new products to marketing materials.



The only image-based dynamic discussion forum.



Create a series of ideas with participants.



Harness the popularity of digital scrap-booking.

Open Poll

Open PollMR

Qualitative insight at the click of a button.

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