Dr Matthew Farmer

With a diverse background spanning international relations, academia and commercial experience, Matthew delivers trusted and quality insight to our clients that inform pivotal business decisions and key initiatives.

Matthew joined FlexMR after completing a PhD in International Relations at Lancaster University and publishing a book on the ways in which UK-based NGOs engage in transnational LGBTQ activism with Palgrave Macmillan as part of their Global Queer Politics series. He brings significant experience of understanding and managing complexity, determining the relationships between individuals and organisations, plus a keen sense of qualitative sociology. Today, he draws on these experiences to expertly manage complex, mult-country studies across a range of diverse sectors.

An empathetic mentor

Matthew is highly analytical, skilled at project management and seeks to draw the bridge between research data and commercial impact. He expertly designs and executes challenging projects that uncover real, human truths.

An experienced researcher who brings an academic and practical perspective to FlexMR, Matthew has worked on projects in healthcare, medicine, consumer packaged goods and the service industries. Through this he has developed an acutely analytical mind and strong desire to achieve positive outcomes. Through proactive communication, open and honest dialogues, and a detail-oriented approach, Matthew delivers transformational impact and quality insight.

Skills and specialisms

Matthew is a talented researcher, manager and mentor. His prior experience as a Teaching Assistant and Research Mentor at Lancaster University has uniquely positioned him to break down complex problems and encourage the best in others. He has in-depth knowledge of organisational behaviour, international project co-ordination, qualitative methods, insight analysis and more.

Systems thinking

Matthew has a logical, structured approach to the role of insight and its role in commercial problem solving.


As a mentor, Matthew developed robust listening skills - helping him to encourage and promote the best in others.


Matthew is a proactive communicator who fosters mutual respect and is open & honest with our clients.


As an Insight Manager, Matthew plays a pivotal part in wider teams and facilitating shared understanding.

FlexMR in a nutshell

We don’t believe in maintaining the status quo. We thrive on making insight more relevant, more accessible and more impactful, while overcoming the core challenges that modern research, product and marketing teams face.

Empower better decisions

We have developed a game-changing insights empowerment framework that addresses the three major pressures placed on modern insight teams. We use the framework to construct bespoke partnership programmes - delivering measurable business value through agile research technology and a flexible approach to supporting services. Is your brand ready to take the first step towards insights empowerment? Find out what we can do for you on the pages below, or get in touch today.

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We're united in the pursuit of insights empowerment. By drawing on diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience, our teams come together to create an unstoppable force.

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The InsightHub platform powers exceptional online research. Conduct surveys, focus groups, diaries and creative qual all from within a single, integrated space.

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Our services span a full and diverse spectrum. We offer everything from dedicated platform support and research education to in-depth consulting, project implementation and insight delivery.

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