Harriet Walton

Bringing an analytical mind and an academic background in forensic psychology to FlexMR, Harriet is a voice of authority, trusted by research teams to deliver robust, impactful and lasting insight.

Harriet joined FlexMR whilst completing a MSc at The Manchester Metropolitan University – a top modern university for research quality. She brings significant experience in quantitative analysis, data manipulation, hypothesis testing and behavioural profiling to the team. Today, she draws on that experience to run end-to-end projects for a range of UK firms, including major utilities and financial services firms.

A trusted insight expert

Equipped with an impressive ability to translate research questions into structured projects, Harriet is highly analytical, skilled at project management and able to draw impactful conclusions.

An experienced researcher who brings a balanced and practical perspective to FlexMR, Harriet has worked on projects in B2B, financial, consumer packaged goods and service industries. During this time she has developed an acutely analytical mind and strong desire to achieve positive outcomes. Through proactive communication, open and honest dialogues, and a detail-oriented approach, Harriet delivers transformational impact and quality insight. Importantly, she adopts a grounded approach to addressing challenging requirements.

Skills and specialisms

Harriet is a talented researcher, communicator and presenter. Her experience in customer service and consumer facing roles has equipped Harriet to develop a confident presentational style and adapt effortlessly to a variety of audiences. As a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, Harriet has also cultivated an interest and knowledge in the complex field of research ethics.


Owing to her structured and analytical nature, Harriet is able to uncover powerful insights that make a tangible business difference.


Able to step back and view research challenges from a neutral standpoint, Harriet is able to build credible and reliable recommendations.


Harriet is a proactive communicator who fosters mutual respect, delivers captivating presentations and encourages stakeholder action.


As an Insight Manager, Harriet plays a pivotal part in shaping the objectives of our research teams and facilitating shared understanding.

FlexMR in a nutshell

We don’t believe in maintaining the status quo. We thrive on making insight more relevant, more accessible and more impactful, while overcoming the core challenges that modern research, product and marketing teams face.

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We have developed a game-changing insights empowerment framework that addresses the three major pressures placed on modern insight teams. We use the framework to construct bespoke partnership programmes - delivering measurable business value through agile research technology and a flexible approach to supporting services. Is your brand ready to take the first step towards insights empowerment? Find out what we can do for you on the pages below, or get in touch today.

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We're united in the pursuit of insights empowerment. By drawing on diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience, our teams come together to create an unstoppable force.

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The InsightHub platform powers exceptional online research. Conduct surveys, focus groups, diaries and creative qual all from within a single, integrated space.

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Our services span a full and diverse spectrum. We offer everything from dedicated platform support and research education to in-depth consulting, project implementation and insight delivery.

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