The Top 100 Market Research Influencers on Twitter

By Chris Martin


Twitter has a thriving community of market researchers. In particular, the #mrx and #newmr Twitter communities collate some of the most innovative and interesting thinking from thought leaders in the market research industry. But who exactly are the most influential market researchers on Twitter? We wanted to find out, so employed the influence measurement tools available at Buzzsumo to find out.

Though there was thousands of candidates, we focused on the top 100. These are the people you want to hear from - those that create and share thinking from the frontlines of market research and will have a hand in shaping the future of the industry. For the purposes of this list, we excluded syndications, companies and blogs. The final one hundred are all real people, tweeting their own ideas and thoughts about current trends in market research.

The Top 100 Market Research Influencers

RankNameTwitter HandleBio
1Jeffrey HenningjhenningMarket research consultant and blogger.
2Kathryn KorostoffresearchrocksPassionate about market research, eLearning, technology, strong coffee and Scrabble
3Tom EwingtomewingWriter about No 1 hits (and others). Market research grump. Recovering social media guru.
4RayPoynterraypoynterFounder of The Future Place & #NewMR, author of The Handbook of Mobile Market Research - all views my own
5Cathy Harrisonvirtualmrx"Virtual Research Director: Creative, skilled, & methodologically agnostic.
Market research and social media consultation"
6Reineke ReitsmarreitsmaForrester Analyst. Interested in anything related to consumer behavior, technology change, and market research - preferably in combination
7Tamara BarbertamarabarberMarketing and Research Consultant. Specialties in digital culture, the future of market intelligence, and emerging markets. Mom of three. Wife of one.
8Ole AndresenoleandresenDirector, Product Management at Confirmit. Technology, Customer Experience, Market Research,- and other things that interest me. Views expressed are mine alone.
9Julie Kjulie1researchBiz dev in market strategy/research for F500 ecosystem, etail, fin tech brands. Amplifier, listener, socializer, spotter, friend #MRX, #NGMR, #NewMR. ENTJ.
10Gian FulgonigfulgonicomScore Chairman and Co-Founder. Internet, Digital Media, Advertising, e-Commerce, Information, Market Research, IRI, Sports, Porsche, Pittsburgh Steelers
11Roxana StrohmengerrstrohmengerRunning Forrester's data innovation and framework efforts and following the the world of new market research methodologies.
12Kate TribekatetribeMarket/social quantitative research | classical music - @classik_ON | cross stitch | test cricket
13Sean Copelandcopeland1985Director of Consumer Research at Abacus Data --- Providing market research industry insights to clients, co-workers and the public alike. 
14John RymerjohnrrymerAnalyst at Forrester Research (app-dev software markets), runner, history buff, baseball fan, omnivore
15Jason Ebbingjebbing9Dad | Market Research | Garden | Baseball | Music | Hockey | Yooper | Cincinnati | Leadership | Social Media
16Mike BedermikebederBusiness Owner | Market Research | Coffee | Wine | Travel | Business | Tech | Sport | Comedy | Life | aka @QualRecAust @ResearchMinds @ResearchMindsNZ
17Annie PettitlovestatsNut | Surveys | Sampling | Data Quality | #MRX | Speaker | Canadian Chair ISO/TC 225 | Huff Post blogger | I don't share dessert
18Reg BakerthesurveygeekMarket, opinion and social research maven, contrarian, avid birder, photo enthusiast and political junkie
19Michaela MorarinsightsRelevant Insights' founder. Market research agency, offering custom market research that matters and advanced analytics that hit you with relevant insights.
20Leonard MurphylennyismThinker, Doer, Leader, Advisor, Investor. Insight innovation junkie. Dad to 5 and proud uber-geek.
21Tom H C AndersontomhcandersonAnderson Analytics - OdinText CEO, Next Gen Market Researcher, and Text Analytics Champion
22Ben BajarinbenbajarinPrincipal analyst at Creative Strategies. Leads primary research on the global consumer tech market.
23Kate LeggettkateleggettVP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research for CRM and Customer Service - market trends, research, opinions, best practices, technologies
24Kristin LuckkristinluckGrowth hacking/sales & mktg consultant. Serial entrepreneur. Mktg measurement/data monetization expert. Founder of Women In Research (WIRe). Rabid Oregonian.
25Tom De RuycktomderuyckPartner @InSites | Expert Consumer & Employee Collaboration | Keynote Speaker | Author | President @BAQMaR | Prof. @IESEG | #mrx #innovation #transformation
26Katie ClarkinsightsgalMarket Researcher, Digital Diva, Early Adopter, Speaker, Trend Watcher, Google Glass Explorer, Junior Leaguer.
27Melissa Pepper, PRCmelrpChoosing optimism over cynicism, delight over boredom, humor over drama, savory over sweets (sweets=close 2nd). Market research catalyst, doodler, photographer.
28Sandra BaumanbaumanresearchBauman Research & Consulting | strategic market research firm | expert in qualitative and quantitative methodologies | #MRX #Marketing #HealthcareMarketing
29Krista Joycekristajoyce1114Market Research & Social Media Enthusiast - protective Mom of 2, Funny Wife & Smashing Sandwich Artist! I work @uSamp but tweets seen here are mine alone
30Sharon Donnelly


Mum of 5 yr old girl & 3 year old boy. Blogger. Qual Market Research Project Manager by trade.
31Stephen KoukoulasthekoukManaging Director of Market Economics, a macroeconomic advisory firm. Advisor to Dun & Bradstreet. Research Fellow Per Capita. Speaker for ODE management.
32Trent CollinstcollinsMarketer. Online Communities and Market Research Specialist. Geek Dad. Gadget Guy. Owner and Director of 
33Ben SmitheespychresearchCEO of SPYCH, Insight & Intelligence, Digital Strat, Lover of Life, Insatiably Curious! Lover of food, wine and scotch
34Larry TabbltabbFinancial Markets Research Analyst
35Michael D. LiebermanstatmavenStatistical and political consulting, market research and predictive analytics
36Kevin McPartlandkmcpartlandHead of market structure and technology research at Greenwich Associates. Financial Markets, FinTech, craft beer and cycling (not necessarily in that order).
37Eoghan O'NeilleoghanlondonMarket research (esp. social media & mobile)/London issues (Brent/Camden)/theatre/electoral reform/climate change/decision making/big data/jazz/police
38George ZdanowiczgeorgezdCEO of Enhance Research. Insights, market & social research. Proud dad. Cyclist (could be called avid). Airline passenger (not so avid). Views tend to be mine.
39Rowan HaylettrowanhaylettManaging Director Resources Group APAC, Market Research and Consumer Insights Senior Recruiter interested in meeting people and making great matches!
40Michelle Mamo StandomlmamoInterests: Market research, knowledge management, strategic planning, business, leadership & higher ed.Institutional Researcher for a community college.
41Adam JolleyadamjolleyMarket Research Pro - baseball lover amatuer
42Aaron BurchtheburchyburchMarket Research fanatic. Online Panels & Communities are my thing. Tech, Social Media, Mobile junkie. Innovate & Integrate!!
43Paul EichbergerpauleichbergerPassionate about market research, mrx, networking, and social media. Go through the fire and discover your gift.
44Ben Page, Ipsos MORIbenatipsosmoriChief Executive @ipsosmori, leading #mrx co. Society, politics, jazz, Bach, business, art, Venice. 'The most genial pollster' -GQ Magazine
45Shaili BhattshailibhattResearch Director & storyteller of market insights. ? Disney, QRCA, wearable tech, games, musicals. Official D23 Disney Geek!
46SokoAnalystsokoanalystMarket Analysis. Market Research. Investment Overviews. Legal Research & Drafting. Digital Media Trend Analysis & Campaigns and Dark Innuendos.
47Robert RushrobertrushMD at PFA Research. Market/social research specialist helping success-driven people take evidence-led approach to business planning and marketing.
48Bret GoblebretigConnecting [data] dots - market strategy...gear head...passive tweeter
49Baillie BuchananbailliebuchCo-founder @ResearchForGood. Market Research Social Entrepreneur
50David SenfsenformationBig Data + Cloud + Security | Market research + IDC analyst | Toronto
51Gaelle NormandgaellenormandOnline Market Research expert. Recently relocated from UK to France. Lifestyle blogger , Foodie, Serial Traveller. #MRX #Bordeaux
52Kristof De WulfkristofdewulfCo-founder & CEO @InSites I Empowering people with insights I PhD speaker author I @switchandshift Leaguer I #mrx #innovation #design #collaboration #creativity
53Tom Keenetomkeenebloomberg surveillance
54Dianne GardinerdigardinerPassionate about keeping Market Research relevant and interesting. CEO of Latitude Insights, a new breed of researchers discovering insights in new ways.
55Oliver TabinoolitabCEO Q - Agentur für Forschung & linkfluence Germany - lecturer social media research Pforzheim university - market research & social media research
56Ed BradfordfullcarryBond Trader. Email:
57Tim MacertimmacerSpecialist in the application of technology to market/opinion research; advocate, analyst, practitioner, writer, teacher and facilitator
58Tadas ViskantaabnormalreturnsFounder and Editor of Abnormal Returns
59Bond VigilantesbondvigilantesCommentary on bond markets by M&G's retail bond team for Investment Professionals only. No other persons should rely on this information.
60Paul Longpaul_longMarket Researcher | Blog | #mrx interviews | Views my own
61J.C. ParetsallstarchartsFounder of Eagle Bay Capital & Market Technician. Info on Managed Assets
62Tom Brakkeresearchpuzzlerconsultant, writer, and investment advisor ~ tweets are neither endorsements nor investment advice
63Mark FauntleroymfauntleroyInnovator of consumer insights & market research: Speaker, Technology adopter, Soccer fanatic, Frequent traveler, Coffee drinker
64Matt FoleymattpluggedinI'm an entrepreneur working primarily on startups in the market research industry.
65Christian KämperckaemperMarket Research professional, survey scripter/web developer with TNS Infratest
66Gary AustinaustinresearchFather, husband, market research consultant, Coventry City supporter in that order.
67Sascha TheismannstheismannOver a decade Market Research experience: voice of the customer / social media / digital transformation / business innovation #BuildingBetterWorkingWorld via EY
68Jon PulestonjonpulestonVice President Innovation GMI, specialising in the design & development of interactive surveys & online research innovation
69Daniel GhinnengagementstratCEO, Creation Healthcare, online market research consultancy. Editor, Healthcare Engagement Strategy & HCPDOLs. 
70Alan MurrayalansmurrayEditor, Fortune Magazine
71Mark SmithmarksmithvrCEO & Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research - follow @ventanaresearch
72Thomas Edwardsrun2tomInnovation, Mobile research, market research, innovation, doing things differently, cars, wine, and fun.
73Jordan S. Terrythe_analyst Founder, Stone Street Advisors LLC. L/S fundamental value & special situations research/advisory for Hedge Funds
74Matt PhillipsmatthewphillipsI write about finance, markets and economics for Quartz. Decent guitarist. Terrible banjo player.
75John CarneycarneyWrite about Wall Street for the WSJ's Heard on the Street. Formerly: Wall Street lawyer, DealBreaker EIC, BI managing editor, CNBC NetNet founder. Trouble maker
76Adrían BridgwaterabridgwaterSoftware Technology Journalist - I track 'developer' for Forbes, Computer Weekly, The Register, Secure Computing & Bloor Group
77Alex WilliamsalexwilliamsFounder, The New Stack
78Carol Phillipscarol_phillipsNotre Dame Marketing professor; Brand strategist and market researcher; President, Brand Amplitude; Students keep me Millennial at heart
79James Mackintoshjmackin2Investment Editor at the Financial Times. I write the daily Short View column and present a daily video on markets. Views mine - all mine. RT not endorsement
80Chris AdamschrisadamsmktsFinancial Times Energy Editor. Any views my own.
81Herb GreenbergherbgreenbergPacific Square Research, CNBC, still sort of a journalist, hype-buster, creator/proprietor of the ORIGINAL Hostile React-o-Meter.
82George ColonygcolonyCEO, Forrester Research
83Randi StillmanbottomlinemrOwner/Principal @ Bottom Line Market Research, LLC: Fresh, whole-brain research & insights that connect people to brands
84Robert MoranrobertpmoranInsight-driven strategist & Partner @ Brunswick Group. Market/opinion research expert. Writes & speaks: MR, foresight, futures, tech, publishing. My views only
85David Starkdavidstarkcaprivacy dude in market research industry
86Brendan TuppackbrendantuppackManaging Director at Bainbridge Consulting. Interests include marketing, market research, big data, business intelligence, and analytics.
87Michael FauscettemfauscetteSoftware industry analyst / exec @ IDC, social tech, digital xformation, customer experience, biz networks, professional speaker, blogger, photographer, writer
88Meb FabermebfaberNew book out!
89Diane Hessandianehessan"CEO of Startup Institute, Chairman of C Space, author, lover of all things marketing, baseball and politics. Mom to 2 fabulous daughters."
90Michael GartenberggartenbergBook reader, bagel eater, coffee drinker, gadget lover & occasional runner
91Leigh DrogenldrogenFounder and CEO @Estimize, Advisor @Slingshot_invst, Ex-Hedge Fund Manager at Surfview Capital, Citizen of the Internet, Hockey Player, Surfer, Grill Master
92Ignacio Raccanacho_raccaLatAm Online Product Manager @Ipsos ASl. Insight curator passionate about Online Market Research. Opinions are my own... find them at #newmr #mrx #ngmr
93Kayla TauschekaylatauscheNative southerner still not over the NYC skyline. Business news (@CNBC), barbecue and Tar Heel basketball. Reach me:
94Barb DarrowgigabarbNewbie cloud reporter at Fortune, formerly oldie cloud reporter at Gigaom, loves industry dirt and the Red Sox, but not necessarily in that order.
95Lawrence McDonaldconvertbondNY Times Bestselling Author, CNBC, Forbes Contributor - Keynote Speaker - Tweets from LGM Group LLC
96Amy LynnamylynnorgVoice Over Actor ? Amy Lynn's Voice Overs & CEO of Annika's. Market Research - Surveys - Focus Groups - Product Testing & More! Trekkie ? #TFB
97Carl RichardsbehaviorgapHelping people make smart, simple decisions with money. Creator of The Sketch Guy Column at The New York Times. I use email for conversations.
98Conor SenconorsenDemographics, finance/politics, shameless Atlanta boosterism. PM at @NewRiverInvest.
99Paul Kedroskypkedrosky"Investor in curious things. Lapsed golf course maintenance guy. Previously enigmatic."
100Curt MonashcurtmonashIndustry analyst. Consultant. Blogger (DBMS2, Strategic Messaging). Friend to plucky young companies since 1981. Former Harvard public policy research fellow.

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