What's included in this bundle?

Advanced panel management functionality and powerful sampling controls combine with innovative engagement applications, emotive in-depth qual and data-rich quant to bring you the ultimate community panel bundle. It's the perfect balance of scale and persuasive human insight. Fulfil a continuous research schedule and analyse results with ease - a must for customer-centric organisations. With this bundle, you will have access to:



The ultimate solution for a continuous research schedule: a database of dedicated participants on hand 24/7. Database size and customer profiling options are unlimited.

  • Custom participant profiling
  • Bulk uploading & editing
  • Simple longitudinal analysis

Our database tool streamlines participant management with smart automation and intuitive features. Your existing data can be uploaded in bulk and you can be up and running in seconds. The flexible nature of our database system allows you to create custom demographics, segments and filters.

Email invites are automatically sent and registration fields pre-populated to assist participants with initial log in. Give members the power to set their own communication preferences ensuring relevant, targeted and timely reminders.

Produce tables based on the results of quantitative tasks, closed questions and even diaries. Cross tabulate with reference to predefined segments and demographics or use custom fields to interrogate data and highlight correlation. Filters allow you to view results from specific segments independently.

Excel and PDF exports ensure you can download your data at the touch of a button. Export both raw data and charted data for further analysis and presentation.

Member Area


Encourage engagement and interaction among participants with member profiles and pictures, a social status system, leader boards, activity wall feed, like buttons, and public and private messaging.

  • Social leaderboards
  • Individual profiles
  • Private and public prompting

A hub for community engagement, the social area encourages communication, participation and competition. Leader boards display configurable metrics that rank members community contributions. Reward top performers and maximise feedback through gamification.

Participants can create their own profile page for a personalised connected experience. Advanced search functions allow members to find others of interest, view personal profile pages, as well as activity logs. Peer-to-peer messaging takes it one step further giving participants a channel to communicate both publicly wall-to-wall and privately. A live member activity feed lists all recent activity completed by the community.



Encourage common goals with a live news feed. Keep members informed about research activities and outcomes, company news, participant incentives and more.

  • Customisable home pages
  • Image and video stories
  • Complete publishing control

Keep research participants up-to-date and engaged with a dedicated news feed. Maximise response rates by posting project information, launch dates and activity instructions. Share research results and business impact to highlight the value of participant involvement in real terms. Add video, images and graphs to bring your updates to life.

A dedicated home and project page widget keeps members informed from the point of log in. Participants can view abridged stories through the widget, or visit the news page to browse the latest updates in full. Consumer group settings ensure members only see articles relevant to them.

Preview news items prior to publishing to quality check, and un-publish or update releases as and when required.



Focus discussions on specific topics quickly and easily. Dip in and out of individual forums whenever you like over longer periods.

  • Follow threads and topics
  • Social functionality
  • Emoticon support

The backbone of a successful research community, the forum is a pivotal to collaboration and blue sky thinking. You set the topic areas to ensure the discussion centres round the key organisational interests at hand, a structured environment for ideation.

A well-managed forum is a delicate balance of moderator guided feedback and member driven exploration. ForumMR gives you the functionality you need to create the engaging, interactive research space required.

Upload image and video stimuli to forum threads to illustrate significant points and foster creativity. Flexible formatting options allow for more expressive feedback and an enhanced participant experience. Community features including ‘Like’ buttons build consensus and provide researchers with additional social data.

Conduct parallel research activities by allocating topics across any number of consumer groups. You can even set a recurring post target encouraging members to remain actively engaged over any period of time.

Quick Poll

Quick PollMR

Quickly gauge opinion with either a single or multiple-choice poll. Include stimulus via hyperlinks or direct respondents to a supporting qual task.

  • Hyperlink integration
  • Cross-tabulation
  • Response monitoring

Fast quantifiable feedback with complete with live graphical results. Create a single or multiple choice question and watch as the votes tabulate. Link Quick PollMR to ForumMR for in-depth qualitative analysis to support the statistical results. Gauge opinion outright or scale qualitative insight with this simple yet versatile tool.

For best results display polls on the participant homepage of your online research space. Monitor performance and prompt then dig deeper with cross tabulation. Analyse responses in line with segment, demographic or use custom fields to find hidden correlations and identify new trends.



Listen to the naturally occurring communication of your members with BlogMR. Follow features allow both you and your participants to follow blogs and people of interest.

  • Video integration
  • Smart categorisation
  • Mark and tag items

Listen to naturally occurring conversation of your customers. Community members create long form content on the topics that matter to them most. From opinion pieces to past experience stories, blogs offer researchers an unparalleled insight into consumer psyche.

The ultimate platform for self-expression, BlogMR enables participants to add images and video to their posts, bringing their insight to life. Social interaction is encouraged with a ‘Follow’ function allowing members and moderators alike to follow bloggers whose writing appeals to them.

Bespoke categorisation affords navigational structure. Private communication channels enable prompting where expansion is required. Sophisticated management controls let you to mark blogs as read, ensuring you’re always up to date with the latest community feedback.



So much more than a standard survey programme. Visuals, sliders, drag and drop and card sort gamification all contribute to a dramatically enhanced participant experience.

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Quota sampling
  • Video integration

Don’t settle for standard, boring grid questions. Our survey tool is designed to maximise engagement across mobile and desktop alike. Choose from a selection of question types including multiple choice, scale, ranking, sorting and percentage balances. Add video or audio and use innovative image based drag and drop questions to simplify complex propositions for enhanced accuracy.

Fully flexible routing options allow you to randomise the survey question order and create personalised completion paths dependant on individual question responses. Segment participants based on custom criteria and even passive factors to facilitate a unique, engaging experience.

Our surveys can be integrated into a private online research space or made public. Combine public surveys with in-house communications to drive consumer feedback or use as a recruitment screener for open panels. Add quotas to any question to filter out ineligible respondents and ensure effective sampling.



Create a branded app presence on your participants’ smartphone; greater convenience for them, increased response rates for you. 1-click mobile research access anytime, anywhere.

  • App store download
  • iOS and Android
  • Push notifications

Custom brand your research app for continuity, trust and heightened engagement. A sophisticated app admin system allows fast fluid interface design. Widgets catering for imagery, research project feeds and news updates bring priority tasks to the forefront. Tailor these by segment or display system wide. Either way, the clean graphical interface developed in line with UX design patterns provides a flawless user experience.

App store placement makes installation on both Android and iOS simple and clear and segmented research task push notifications enable instantaneous response. Real-time consumer research has never been so easy to achieve and reflective task completion rates and turnaround times are reduced for maximum efficiency and agility.

All FlexMR tools are AppMR compatible with seamless desktop transition to suit.

Make it yours...

We understand that every organisation, product and customer is unique. That's why we make it easy for you to tailor this community panel bundle. Any of our 16 qual and quant research tools can be added to or swapped with those listed above. You can even hire additional tools for one-off projects. The following tools are recommended by our experts as the ideal complement to this community panel bundle:



Great for those who are planning a lot of visual testing.

Live Chat

Live ChatMR

A fast-paced focus group tool perfect for project-specific qual.



Ideal for the examination of shopping behaviour and lifestyle studies.

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