What's included in this bundle?

Use our bulletin board solution for collaborative, project based research initiatives. It is designed to provoke creativity and amplify ideas. Question BoardMR helps you lead the group discussion with rich, focused feedback. Integrate SmartboardMR for A/B tests and dedicated creative review. Quick PollMR builds consensus and adds scale. Simply tailor the discussion to suit your needs. With this bundle, you will have access to:

Question Board

Question BoardMR

Just like a face-to-face focus group but from the comfort of your own desk. Upload questions and stimuli to reveal when ready, leaving you free to probe interesting points on the fly.

  • Viewing area
  • SmartboardMR integration
  • Quick PollMR integration

An asynchronous focus group tool perfect for large scale discussions with theme and thread categorisation. Post public questions to the group and encourage participants to comment using personalised emails. Prompt on individual posts via the private messaging function.

You can embed video and image-based stimuli directly and make use of a wide range of formatting options to give your participants the freedom of expression. HTML formatting, emojis and image upload facility all contribute to a dynamic group discussion, where participants take centre stage.

Run bulletin boards consecutively or in parallel. Advanced sampling controls enable A/B testing and segment comparison as well as acute targeting and progressive analysis.



Invite participants to comment on image elements via digital sticky note and watch as each note turns into a mini group discussion all of its own.

  • Sentiment tagging options
  • Easy-to-use heat maps
  • Automated completion targets

The world’s first dynamic discussion forum within an image, SmartboardMR takes visual qualitative research to the next level. Designed to encourage collaborative, creative feedback, participants click on specific image elements to pin comments and respond to the comment pins of others. Each pin turns into a mini group discussion all of its own. Perfect for testing marketing concepts, communications, new products designs, store layouts and more.

Smartboard sentiment tagging allows participants to code each comment as positive, neutral or negative. Alternatively, moderators can manually code comments on completion. Use sentiment tagged comments to construct heat maps for visual analysis.

Completion targets incentivise participants to study the image and leave multiple comments. Integration with research participant profile pages ensures you can monitor responses and remind non-participants. When your smartboard concludes, export annotated images to JPEG and corresponding comments to Excel, alongside a demographic breakdown of respondent data.

Quick Poll

Quick PollMR

Quickly gauge opinion with either a single or multiple-choice poll. Include stimulus via hyperlinks or direct respondents to a supporting qual task.

  • Hyperlink integration
  • Cross-tabulation
  • Response monitoring

Fast quantifiable feedback with complete with live graphical results. Create a single or multiple choice question and watch as the votes tabulate. Gauge opinion outright or scale qualitative insight with this simple yet versatile tool.

For best results display polls on the participant homepage of your online research space. Monitor performance and prompt then dig deeper with cross tabulation. Analyse responses in line with segment, demographic or use custom fields to find hidden correlations and identify new trends.

Make it yours…

We understand that every organisation, product and customer is unique. That's why we make it easy for you to tailor this community panel bundle. Any of our 16 qual and quant research tools can be added to or swapped with those listed above. You can even hire additional tools for one-off projects. The following tools are recommended by our experts as the ideal complement to this bulletin board bundle:



Add a scrapbook for customer focused image based feedback.

Report Card

Report CardMR

Bring your qualitative insights to life with video vox pops.



For creative quantification of your qualitative insight.

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