Software Update: Smartboard Heat Mapping

By Maria Twigge

Heat from a Candle

We are constantly working to improve our suite of online research tools. Today we are proud to introduce the latest update to our software . This update in particular will provide Smartboard MR users with extra functionality that can benefit research in a number of ways. Heat mapping software will make our Smartboard MR even smarter than before.

What can I use it for?

  • Test your email communications
  • Gather feedback on web pages
  • Explore new advertising visuals and messages
  • Incorporate your latest products or packaging

What is it?

Our Smartboard MR tool enables a collaborative conversation on an image - and heat mapping adds to this even further so that you can analyse the sentiment of that conversation as it takes place.

What are the benefits?

  • Concept areas
  • Show a visual heat map of the discussion to make your presentations even more powerful
  • Go deeper than traditional smartboards
  • Benefit from text and sentiment feedback

How does it work?

  • Mood tagging - Participants tell us how they feel about it (positive, neutral, negative) - simply with the click of a button. Mood tagging allows moderators to analyse the discussion on the image.
  • Improved feedback & analysis - Participants add sentiment feedback with one click. Analysis is aided by sophisticated mood displays. Concept areas help structure your research by highlighting areas of special interest.

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Maria Twigge

Maria Twigge- Research Director

Personal Bio: Maria has worked with FlexMR for over 7 years, applying psychological patterns to online research. She has previously delivered insights for ITV, John Lewis and more.




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