Software Update: In-Line Conversations

By Maria Twigge

People Discussing Research Online

We are pleased to announce another update to our ever improving suite of online research tools. The In-Line Conversations update applies to two of our tools in particular: Question Board MR & Forum MR.

What does it do?

  • Probe further - The In-line conversation feature allows you to have a private discussion with a selected participant with the aim of probing and prompting further.
  • Message privately - This enables you to address a participant within the on-going discussion of the overall Question Board MR.
  • Improve usability - This is helpful and convenient for both researcher and participant and improves the overall usability of Question Board MR further.

How does it work?

  • An in-line conversation is always started by the moderator only. The participant can then reply and give feedback privately.
  • Additionally, the moderator can choose to send an automated alert to the respondent which draws the participant back into the discussion thread.

What are the benefits?

  • Clarify and go deeper - As a researcher you can now probe further, clarify and question respondents during and in-line within the Question Board Focus Group itself.
  • Convenience - There is no need to leave the discussion - you can probe and prompt directly within the stream of the discussion and address selected respondents privately.
  • Increased response rate - The ease of use that is typical for FlexMR and the in-built automated alert functions round off this new feature.

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Maria Twigge

Maria Twigge- Research Director

Personal Bio: Maria has worked with FlexMR for over 7 years, applying psychological patterns to online research. She has previously delivered insights for ITV, John Lewis and more.




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