Sally Nicholls

Sally has been working within the research industry for over 10 years. In this time, Sally has assumed a number of roles within the operations and research teams at Join the Dots and FlexMR.

Sally has gained a strong affinity for qual research in particular through working on high-profile research projects, and thoroughly enjoys finding the message within the research that tells the story of the data. She believes that communication is an essential quality to hold as an Insight Manager. Her communication skills are vital as Sally is in constant contact with fellow researchers, clients, and participants who all need to know what is happening in the present and the future on any given research project.

A skilled Insight Manager

Sally has been pivotal to the success of research projects for our FMCG, hospitality and financial services clients.

Sally holds a degree in Linguistics from the University of Manchester and holds a TEFL qualification, which has sparked a vested interest in storytelling and behavioural psychology. These interests allow her to really go into depth when analysing data picking apart the context in order to find the right message and actionable insights. She has led product, brand and territory research - and is an especially skilled qualitative moderator. Her broad knowledge also spans community management, survey scripting, analytical reporting and presenting impactful debriefs.

Skills and specialisms

Sally is a recognised insights expert. During her time at Join the Dots, Sally is particularly proud of her work on a food product development study which was recognised by the BBC. Alongside this achievement, Sally has a range of qualifications and skills which have influenced the foundation of her research career.

AQR certified

Sally has attained the AQR Foundation Qual certificate, demonstrating her commitment to quality research.


Sally is a skilled communicator, able to connect at all levels - from participants to senior stakeholders.


An experienced community manager, Sally is thorough, detail-orientated and understands project needs.


Sally is an expert moderator, both in real-time focus groups and asynchronous community actvities.

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