A team of talented, diverse staff

Our staff are vital to achieving our amitions of driving informed decisions across global enterprises. From experienced researchers to talented developers, we rely on a diverse range of disciplines to turn our vision into reality. Our four teams, Senior Leadership, Research Experts, Technology Development and Business Support, work together in harmony to provide our clients a world class experience.

Senior Leadership

Our experienced senior leadership team are responsible for steering the company and key strategic decisions.

Pam Taylor

Managing Director

With over 20 years of research and management experience, Pam has developed a deep knowledge of industry needs. With her incredible attention to detail, Pam expertly manages global operations and maximises our clients’ success.

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Paul Hudson

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced insights leader with 20 years in the market research industry, Paul remains active within the insights industry and is dedicated to innovating market research techniques for online application.

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Chris Martin

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris is well-versed in marketing strategy and brand development, which he uses to guide the FlexMR brand to its full potential - maximising opportunities and ensuring the brand’s offering is relevant and appealing to insights professionals.

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Maria Twigge

Research Director

Maria is an active member of the UK insights community, presenting regularly at market research industry events. With 9 years’ experience guiding the FlexMR’s research services, Maria builds strategic long-term partnerships with our clients.

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Research Experts

Our passionate research experts provide industry leading service and support to our global clients.

FlexMR Research Experts

Amy Greenwood

Head of Research and Insight

Amy has a passion for understanding consumer behaviour and has developed a strong knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research amongst B2C and B2B audiences. Her adaptability is vital for working across many diverse projects.


Dr. Katharine Johnson

Client Success Manager

Drawing on an extensive background in scientific research, technology licensing and business, Dr Johnson is perfectly suited to ensuring all FlexMR clients make the most out of their research investments and achieve strategic goals.


Josie Sanderson

Onboarding Manager

Josie’s diverse background spans research, psychology, and hospitality - enabling her to provide clients with a great personal service and practical support. Her skills in psychology allow Josie to draw out valuable comments and insight.

Charlotte Duff

Insight Manager

Charlotte’s research and communication experience is invaluable. Her determination and inquisitiveness enables her to provide crucial support to our clients, providing accurate insight to ensure client research success.


Sally Nicholls

Insight Manager

Sally has spent over 7 years working in the research and operations departments of Join the Dots. Her drive to deliver high quality insight and make a real difference to brands has even led one project she managed to feature on the BBC.


Amy Ismay

Information Security Officer

Recognised as an Inspiring Leader in the University of Warwick staff awards, Amy’s experience in governance and data management of medical research enables her to confidently drive our commitment to high standards & information security forward.


Grayling Ferguson

Helpdesk Manager

Grayling utilises her wide set of research, client interaction, and management skills to oversee our client help desk. She uses her platform and research knowledge to ensure a smooth transition and guarantee outstanding research experiences.


Laura Calvert

Help Desk Agent

A graduate of psychology, Laura is a skilled communicator who provides high-quality training to our clients. Having a keen interest in customer service and creative design, she is perfectly placed to help our clients achieve their research goals.

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Russell Elliot

Help Desk Agent

Having worked in customer service for over three years, Russell brings a broad, honed skillset to the FlexMR help desk team. He prides himself on delivering a consistent, top quality customer experience to all of our clients.


Larry Bate

Senior Project Manager

Larry has over 20 years of outstanding research experience, specialising in customer satisfaction. With exceptional attention to detail and a talent for process-driven work, he never fails to deliver high-quality, accurate insight.


Gareth Bowden

Research Project Manager

Gareth has several years of experience working on conflict resolution, civil resistance, community engagement and poverty reduction research. Today, Gareth draws on that experience as a  PHD student at Lancaster University & Research Project Manager for FlexMR.

Maisie Furneaux

Senior Research Associate

Maisie utilises her project management skills to conduct large-scale international research projects. She has an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and her competitive nature ensures she always gets the best insight for our clients.


Samantha Nicholson

Senior Research Associate

Samantha uses her diverse background in mathematics and psychology to draw out in-depth, accurate insight. Her creativity and communication skills enable her to break down complex data, helping our clients to make informed decisions.


Charlotte Evans

Research Associate

Charlotte’s experience in marketing and business strategy means she inherently understands what insights are needed with a given project, and her cultural agility enables her to work closely with both national and international clients.


Technology Development

The FlexMR technology development team are responsible for developing the enterprise-grade InsightHub platform.

FlexMR Technology Development

Annette Smith

Technology Development Manager

Annette has worked on InsightHub for 11 years, nurturing it into the internationally-regarded platform it is today. She is a highly experienced researcher with a background in UI and UX has been imperative to the creation of InsightHub.


Mark Tunnard

Project Manager

Mark is an experienced project manager who has been launching new products and building motivated teams for over 5 years. Known for his down-to-earth approach, Mark enables our relaxed, fun and productive development environment.

Alex Leaver 

Principal Developer

As a lead developer, Alex uses his in-depth technological skills to program the InsightHub research platform. Alex’s dedication to problem-solving is essential as it enables him to find the simplest ways to solve complex problems.

Dave Russell

Senior Software Developer

A highly-regarded developer from the freelance sector, Dave’s broad background enables him to tackle new problems head on. Dave’s 10 years of experience working on complex data systems, Dave is integral to developing InsightHub.

Andrew Smith

Senior Software Developer

Andrew has come from a background of start-ups, giving him the versatility to work with many different technological projects. His impressive self-taught programming abilities provide him with all he needs to develop and maintain InsightHub.

Nana Akwah

Senior Software Developer

Nana is a skilled programmer with knowledge of a diverse array of technologies. Bringing experience from multiple industries, his unique ideas have been incorporated within the newest evolution of InsightHub and the development of FlexMR tools.

Mark Brewster

Senior Software Developer

Mark is a Ruby on Rails developer with seven years of front-end and back-end experience. He has contributed an array of innovative solutions to technical challenges at start-ups and large firms alike.

Paul Hurst 

Senior Software Developer

With versatile system development experience, Paul has worked with a range of technologies. This knowledge enables Paul to integrate new innovative ideas to FlexMR’s InsightHub platform, pushing the boundaries of online research.

Business Support

Our business support staff are an integral part of the FlexMR team, crucial to delivering the quality insight we provide.

FlexMR Business Support

Lucia Hoffart

International Development

Lucia has expanded our reach into EMEA markets by fostering strategic relationships with international agencies and leading innovative research across the continent.


Heather Wendlandt

North American Client Development

Heather has worked closely with major brands such as MillerCoors, P&G & Philip Morris over the past 16 years. Her natural ability to build rapport gives her a deep understanding of how insightcan help our clients meet their goals.


Jess Arnold

Information Security Assistant

Jess is an integral part of our information security team. She meticulously plans and delivers our data security commitments to ensure that we offer the most secure service and technology possible on a global scale.


Emily James


As a graduate of Creative Writing, Emily has a passion for content creation. She brings our global vision to life through her excellent writing and editorial skills across a broad selection of our content.


Sophie Grieve-Williams

Graphic Designer

Experienced and passionate about illustration and graphic design, Sophie strives to bring life to the FlexMR brand through creative, impactful and inspiring visual communication.


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